Lightlift 26.14

Hinowa is extremely proud to present the new model of tracked aerial platform LightLift 26.14 that enriches the Performance IIIS range already including the models 17.75 and 20.10.
Among the highlights are the 25.7m working height, 13.75m outreach, with 230kg capacity on the entire working diagram, extraordinary performances enclosed in a compact machine of only 990mm width (increasable of 50% up to 1490 mm for an enhanced lateral stability) and less than 6 m length thanks to the detachable cage.
This is the highest Performance IIIS model ever built, and created from the joint requests of the tree care, facility management and rental fields.

The new platform, result of three-year research and development, marks the beginning of a new phase for the company, intentioned to develop in the future tracked machines with increased heights to complete its range and satisfy the loyal and growing customers.

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Capacity platform 230kg
Max. Working height 25,70m
Max. Horizontal working outreach 13,75m
Transport length 6,34m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 5,98m
Transport height with plates installed 1,98m
Standard basket dimensions 1335x690xh.1100mm
Basket rotation 124°(+/-62°)
Maximum stabilisation angle 16°
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°/28,7%
Total weight 4365kg - 4384 Lithium-ion
Diesel_engine Kubota D902
Electric motor 2,2kw-230V-50Hz / 2,2kw-110V-50Hz
Engine max. Travel speed 1,1 - 2 km/h
Lithium-ion powered 8,3 KWh
Max. Travel speed - lithium-ion version 0,7 - 1,2km/h
Undercarriage width open/close 990 - 1490mm
Max ground pressure on stabilizer 3124daN - 4,42daN/cm2
Variable stabilization area 4079x3978mm (5451x2502mm)
    • Features:
      • Articulated boom with double telescopic high-resistance steel boom.
      • 25.7m working height with unrestricted 230kg capacity
      • 13.75m working outreach with unrestricted 230kg capacity
      • 10m up & over to allow easy clearance of obstacles at height.
      • Length of the machine in transport configuration is less than 6 m thanks to the detachable basket.
      • Height of the machine in transport configuration is less than 2 m allowing easy passage through the doors.
      • Variable and compact stabilization area.
      • Incredible widening of the undercarriage, from 990mm allowing easy passage through narrow and cramped places, to 1490mm for an enhanced lateral stability.
      • Lengthened undercarriage for greater stability, improved angle of attack (22°) and lowering of ground pressure during translation, equipped with Auto2Speed technology for maximum speed or torque depending on the working conditions.
      • Assisted automatic stabilization on slopes, up to 16°. Allows a ground clearance of 700mm.
      • Large forklift pockets to allow easy lifting with forklift or tele-handler to load, unload and transport the machine.
      • New Kubota Diesel D902 3 cylinder water cooled engine, meets the Tier 4 standards, with 40 litres capacity tank for an increased range.
      • Heavy Duty lifting hooks on outriggers for quick and easy positioning with crane.
      • Heavy Duty anchor hooks for improved safety in transport.
      • Double air-water line allowing the use of varied tools in the basket (1/4’’, 1/2’’).
      • New Zistaplex hydraulic hose treatment, anticorrosive up to 600 hours in salt spray tests.
      • Automotive electrical system.
      • 110V-220V electric motor with improved torque.
      • Main battery maintenance free AGM type for start & stop, with charge maintainer.
      • New low energy LED lamps on outriggers.
      • Split hydraulic and electrical systems to simplify the service.
      • Remote software version updates via satellite from the remote control.
      • Auxiliary connector for external devices, telematics and fleet tracking.
      • Preprogramed for optional anti-entrapment device in the basket.
      Features of lithium-ion version:
      8,3KWh battery pack with fast charging system
      Practical and spacious glove compartment.
      Complete control from display of the system and charging status.
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