Lightlift 23.12 IIIS

LightLift 23.12 IIIS is appreciated by many customers using it every day in various fields: pruners and in general grounds maintenance workers love it for the generous outreach, fluidity of movements and compactness of its stabilization area.
Another excellent feature is the ample angle of attack allowing safe loading and unloading from the truck.
Many restoration companies and painters have reported that thanks to Lightlift 23.12 they have been able to carry out numerous works on façades without installing any type of scaffolding.
Rental companies will find in this machine a great vertical up and over height that makes it suitable for conservative restoration of churches, museums and universities, allowing to step over obstacles, statues and columns.
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Capacity platform 120kg - 200kg
Max. Working height 23,2m (120kg) - 21,80m (200kg)
Max. Horizontal working outreach 11,63m (120kg) - 10,25m (200kg)
Transport length 6m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 5,65m
Transport height 1,99m
Standard basket dimensions 1335x690xh.1100mm
Basket rotation 124°(+/-62°)
Maximum stabilisation angle 13°
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°/28,7%
Total weight 3090kg diesel - 3200kg Lithium-ion
Diesel engine PERKINS 402.05
Electric motor 2,2kW-230V-50Hz / 2,2kw-110V-50Hz
Engine max. Travel speed 1 - 1,7km/h
Lithium-ion powered 7,2KWh
Max. Travel speed - lithium-ion version 0,7 - 1,2km/h
Undercarriage width open/close 990mm - 1290mm
Max ground pressure on stabilizer 2100daN - 3daN/cm2
Variable stabilization area 3983x3976mm (5440x2318mm)
    • Features:
      • Self stabilization and automatic retraction of the stabilizers through one button.
      • Remote control with simplified interface and multilingual menu.
      • Satellite localisation and diagnostics system through R.A.H.M.
      • 360° turret rotation (not continuous).
      • Constructed with high-strength steel ensuring sturdiness but keeping the lightness.
      • Cage slides vertically on recirculating ball bearings in order to eliminate any friction to the advantage of a perfect control of the loads, granting the safety of the operator.
      • Movements can be selected simultaneously through the joysticks. 
      • Automatic selection of the weight in the cage (120-200 kg) not allowing errors or overloads. 
      • Optimized articulation allowing a vertical flush to the wall climbing  up to 10 metres.
      • Variable stabilization area.
      • Extensometric load cell with dual channel safety for a perfect control of the weight in cage.
      • The structural sturdiness on the long run is checked directly in Hinowa R&D through special cyclic tests.
      • The bushings in glass fibre without grease ensure a long life and do not need to be lubricated, saving time and money in the mid-long run.
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