TX2500 swivel dumper bed

The brand-new TX2500 Transporter, the ideal mean to a safe and fast transport of goods.
TX2500 is a robust, powerful and hi-speed machine. It is suitable for any type of soil – even the most difficult.

The load capacity is 2500 kg with an effective hydraulic system of 180 ° rotation and tilting of the body.

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Motor Kubota
Pistons and displacement n° 4 / 2197 cc
Max gross power 48,1 HP - 35,9 kW @ 2800 rpm
Starting electric 12 volt
Max. inclination 20° (36,4 %)
Granted noise level Lwa 101 dB
Type distributor mechanical
Hydraulic pumps: number and type n° 2 piston pumps + n° 1 gear pump
Track tensioner grease
Track width 320 mm
Rollers per side 2 fixes and 4 floating
Translation speed 6 -11 km/h
Fixed undercarriage 1550 mm
Capacity 2500 kg
Dumper bed capacity: rated volume (ISO 6483) 1,49 m3
Dumper bed capacity: struck volume 1,09 m3
Operating weight 2700 kg
    • Features:
      • The power of almost 50 HP is guaranteed by Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine with large tank capacity and liquid cooling.
      • The special rubber tracks with floating rollers allows to reach the surprising speed of 11 Km / h.
      • The comfortable seat can rotate 180 degrees to allow to steer the machine with maximum visibility in both directions.
      • Safety is also guaranteed by the FOPS structure to protect the driver.
      • The accuracy of the controls is maximum thanks to its cutting edge hydraulic system with highest quality components.
      • A simple control panel, headlights, easy access to service points are other details that make the new TX2500 the perfect machine for maximizing the productivity of  your job.
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