Novelty 2021 – New DSE basket

DSE “Dual Side Entry” basket

Robust and comfortable

Hinowa now offers the new DSE (Dual Side Entry) basket for Performance IIIS platforms with an unrestricted capacity of 230 kg as an alternative to the standard. An innovative basket with generous dimensions and a functional design.

Features of the DSE basket: 

  • double lateral entrance (right and left) with double ladder thanks to which both operators can get on and off independently of each other;  
  • mesh floor for an unobstructed view under the basket and easy to clean;
  • optimized space for the operator;
  • 131 cm wide and 70 cm deep;
  • non-slip aluminium surface;
  • 4 wheels to allow easier movement when the basket is disassembled, equipped with brake for storage;
  • Assembly of an innovative anti-entrapment system.

Homologated platforms for the DSE basket:

  • LL15.70 PIIIS
  • LL17.75 PIIIS
  • LL20.10 PIIIS
  • LL26.14 MK2 PIIIS
Produced from January 2021, recognizable by the year of construction shown on the plate and by the following decal:

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