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  • 01/26/2018


    Hinowa S.p.A., manufacturer of tracked aerial platforms, tracked minidumpers, tracked forklifts and undercarriages with a 30 years experience is very ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Il Ceppo di Giuseppe Iore

    Pallet jack TP2000 - A safe and stable vehicle client Il Ceppo di Giuseppe Iore location Brescia - Italia machine model TP2000 sector Wood ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Il Colombo di Rossi e Cavallini

    Pallet jack TP1800 - Ideal for harvesting apples on difficult terrain client Il Colombo di Rossi e Cavallini location Reggio Emilia - ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Floricoltura Valota

    Goldlift 17.80 Platform - Pruning and greenery maintenance​​ client Floricoltura Valota location Samarate (VA) - Italia machine ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Scavicem snc

    Minidumper HS1100 - For work in confined spaces client Scavicem snc location Ponte dell’Olio (PC) - Italia machine model Minidumper ...
  • 12/07/2017

    C.EL.I. sas

    Transporter TX2500 - The unstoppable transporter​ client C.EL.I. sas location Valmozzola (PR) - Italia machine model TX2500 con cassone ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Fratelli Sartori

    Tracked Aerial Platforms - Maximum performance client Fratelli Sartori costruzioni metalliche​ location Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) - ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Barbazeni Michele

    Self-loading minidumper - The ideal vehicle in the Lake Garda area client Barbazeni Michele location Costermano (VR) - Italia machine ...
  • 12/07/2017

    Roli D. srl

    Tracked Aerial Platforms - Wide range for rental​ client Roli D. srl location Spilamberto (MO) - Italia machine model GL14.70, GL17.80, ...
  • 04/13/2017

    New Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIS

    Hinowa presented the new Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIS at the Apex Show in Amsterdam. Better performing and more compact, the new tracked aerial ...
  • 10/11/2016


    As capable as a combustion engine, but more efficient and frugal; lithium-ion is revolutionising aerial lifts. Hinowa launched the first tracked aerial ...
  • 09/26/2016

    Transporter TX2500 with a 3-way dumper bed

    Hinowa, an industry-leading manufacturer of tracked vehicles, has now launched the new Transporter TX2500 model with a 3-way dumper bed. This previous version, ...
  • 09/26/2016

    Minidumper HS701 with petrol engine

    After the success of models HS701 with Kubota diesel engine, Hinowa is launching two models with petrol engine, available in the following versions: