The tracked pallet truck suited to lifting pallets weighing up to 1.6 tonnes

With a load lifting system up to a height of 1775 mm and carriage widening from 1240 to 1800 mm to save space during transportation, the TP1600 tracked pallet truck is the ideal solution for lifting and moving pallets up to 1.6 tonnes, on any type of ground.

Why choose this model?

Hinowa has operated in the earthmoving machinery sector for many years to become a byword for quality in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Choosing the TP 1600 featured here will allow you to benefit from using a top-quality pallet truck with an international patent which offers numerous features, such as:
  • Load-lifting system to heights of up to 1775 mm on all types of ground
  • Hydraulic track widening to adapt to any type of transport and terrain
  • System for second speed configuration during transportation and self-adjustment when the forks are raised
  • Transparent protection shield to prevent the crushing of upper limbs
  • Tilt control which allows the pallet truck to automatically switch off the engine if it is on a slope over 3° with the forks raised
  • Tracks with greased width adjusters and 250 mm width, plus five rollers per side that allow operation on particularly challenging terrain

What kind of work is it used for?

To fulfil the various requirements of all its customers, the Hinowa team constantly strives to develop new technology, allowing it to increase the versatility of the machinery it produces. Consequently, in this section, Hinowa features a pallet truck that is suited to a wide range of jobs. More specifically, the machinery has proved especially useful in simplifying activities, such as:
  • Construction work
  • Renovations
  • Transportation of wood
  • Creation of parks and gardens
  • Maintenance of seaside swimming areas
  • Work in the food sector
  • Operations in mountain areas
  • Goods storage
  • Agricultural work

What is the target sector of pallet trucks?

The latest-generation technology and outstanding features of the TP 1600 make it a pallet truck suited to a wide range of professional operators. Using this pallet truck entails numerous benefits for the following companies or professional figures:
  • Rental companies
  • Resellers
  • Private individuals
  • Gardeners
  • Nursery gardeners
  • Agricultural firms
  • Building firms
  • Renovators
  • Designers, architects and engineers
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Motor Honda GX390
Pistons and displacement single‑cylinder 389 cc
Max gross power 11,7 HP ‑ 8,7 kW @ 3600 rpm
Starting electric
Max. inclination 20° (36,4%)
Type distributor mechanical
Hydraulic pumps: number and type n° 3 gear pumps
Track tensioner grease
Track width 250 mm
Rollers per side 5
Translation speed 1,5 ‑ 2,2 km/h
Variable width undercarriages as std. 1240 - 1800 mm
Capacity 1600 kg
Ground pressure 0,38 kg/cm2
Operating weight 1330 kg
    • Features:
      • Elevation system of the load
      • Hydraulic widening 1240 - 1800 mm
      • Max capacity: 1600 kg
      • Max lifting height: 1775 mm
      • 2 Translation speeds plus reverse gear
    • Video: