Cranes for the installation of glass panels

The Hinowa undercarriage used on a self-propelled tracked crane

The tracked crane with undercarriage and self-propelled boom shown in this section is one of the many examples in which company devices have been used. The customer relied on Hinowa's team of experts to complete the development of this type of machine, specifically used for laying glass plates.

What are the advantages of the undercarriage?

In particular, the undercarriage has helped to make the crane even safer during the transport and installation of the windows and all other fragile materials. To achieve this goal, Hinowa is constantly engaged in the development of new technological solutions, able to meet the different needs of manufacturers and support the different operations that end users are carrying out daily.

For which type of customer has it been designed?

The crane built by the customer is a crane mounted on a Hinowa undercarriage that is particularly suitable for companies mounting and maintaining windows.
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