Quality policy

Management system for producing safe and compliant aerial and earthmoving work equipment

The quality policy of Hinowa S.p.A. is based on pursuing the manufacture of safe, reliable machinery and components that are compliant with the applicable regulations and legislation, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction.

Hinowa S.p.A. is constantly committed to identifying any internal or external factors which define the work context. These factors form the basis of a Quality Management System which keeps track of the organisations characteristics.

The top management works to ensure that the entire company is aware of the importance of satisfying customer requirements and those laid down by the law.

The entire company is, therefore, informed about the goals related to the quality of the process and product. It is involved in ongoing improvement programmes which are pursued through the involvement of staff in all areas of the company.

Hinowa measures, and periodically reviews, the achievement of the quality goals (assessed during the management review) by supplying customers with products that comply with both contractual and legal standards and with the product quality rating.

Moreover, Hinowa S.p.A. researches new types of products to offer its customers, thus guaranteeing innovative technology by proposing a variety of solutions and providing an improved and more efficient customer service.

The improvement goals are identified through an objective identification system and risk analysis, as well as a system of performance indicators which monitor performance levels throughout the company. The improvement goals are then periodically decided upon and the check on whether they are achieved is done in the system review meetings by top management.

The improvement in the performance of a business area is usually achieved by applying Kaizen tools, ensuring that the various department heads are directly involved and participate in the improvement activities, whilst allowing them to improve their own skills.

All staff with direct responsibility are tasked with applying the system requirements in their department and making sure that they are implemented. Quality-related activities can be delegated to third parties, but not the responsibility for the result.

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