The telescopic aerial platform with a load capacity of 136 kg

TeleCrawler13N is a Hinowa telescopic aerial platform, a tracked machine powered by a lithium battery which can reach a working height of 13 m and features a horizontal outreach of 6.4 m. TC13N is the first model of a new series of innovative and efficient machines. It is, in fact, the first telescopic aerial platform fitted with “full electric” crawler tracks; a machine designed to be totally different from the Goldlift, IIIS and Performance IIIS series.

What are its features?

The TeleCrawler13N platform has signature features which highlight the innovative and unique character of this new type of machine:
  • It is uniquely compact: without the basket, it measures just 3,698 mm in length, 1,948 mm in height and 748 mm in width. The stabilisation area has been reduced to 2,450 mm x 2,900 mm which allows the platform to be stabilised in the parking space of just one car!
  • Load capacity of 136 kg (designed to support, on average, 1 person weighing 80 kg + 56 kg of equipment)
  • Automatic telescopic boom extension control when going up/down: the same distance from the wall can be automatically maintained to follow a vertical line up to 9 m, both when going up and down. Thanks to this “scissor” effect, the operator can get on with his work, by remaining automatically flush to the wall, without having to continuously adjust the extension of the telescopic boom manually. This means it is possible to work quickly and easily.
  • Greater safety at height since there are no manual controls to operate.
  • “Go Home” function: this allows you to automatically and safely close and align the telescopic boom and thus, return the machine to the transport position with just one button. This feature, which was already widely used on platforms with a greater working height, has now been introduced by Hinowa on a 13-m platform as well.
  • “Go Back” function: before initiating the “Go Home” function, the machine stores the last working position so that it can automatically return to it with the simple press of a button. This function saves valuable time and significantly increases productivity. 
  • The undercarriage is constructed by using electric traction motors which allow it to travel on electric power only, without the use of hydraulic oil. The technology with a permanent magnet drive motor guarantees a higher performance compared to traditional electric motors.
  • Outstanding efficiency: the “full electric” system is much more efficient compared to the hydraulic system. An increase which allows the use of a more compact lithium-ion battery pack, with a lower energy value, that delivers the same performance as a hydraulic traction platform.
  • Safety under all conditions: an additional special feature of electric traction motors is the IP67 protection rating which means that the machine can also work on muddy and dusty ground. Furthermore, the absence of oil in the travel system eliminates any risk of leaks on the ground, ensuring respect for the environment (“zero leakage”). 

What kind of work can it be used for?

The Hinowa telescopic platform has been designed to fulfil different working requirements of numerous customers who operate in a wide variety of fields. This is the result of our commitment to find increasingly innovative solutions for the world of work now and in the future. The TC13N platform is especially suited for activities such as:
  • Restoration of building interiors or in historic city centres
  • Painting
  • Tree pruning
  • Cleaning
  • Solar panel installation
  • Leisure parks maintenance
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Sign installation
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Electrical system installation and maintenance 

What kind of professional figures is it intended for?

The TC13N electric telescopic platform is perfect for use by numerous professional figures thanks to compact size, efficiency and environmental sustainability. It has proved especially valuable for use by:
  • Rental companies
  • Resellers
  • Private individuals
  • Gardeners
  • Garden centres
  • Agricultural firms
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Cleaning companies
  • Construction companies
  • Renovators
  • Aviation companies
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Capacity platform 136 kg
Max. Working height 13 m
Max working horizontal outreach 6,4 m
Transport length 4,316 m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 3,698 m
Transport height 1,948 m
Standard basket dimensions 1305x600x h.1100 mm
Undercarriage width open/close 748 - 1100 mm
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°
Max travel speed 3,2 km/h
Lithium-ion powered 4,1 kW/h
Max ground pressure on stabilizer 1334 daN - 10,1 daN/cm2
Stabilization area 245 x 290 cm
Total weight 1895 kg
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