HS1203 self-loading

The HS1203 minidumper: the evolution of the species!

The HS1203 minidumper is the evolution of the medium-sized minidumper, a machine now increasingly in demand, and it ideally joins the HS1103 version, with the aim of providing operators in the sector with additional new solutions in the construction site, as well as greater versatility.  With a width of only 990 mm, this model guarantees a greater maximum capacity, 1,200 kg, and capacity of the dumper bed (self-loading) increased to 0.60 m3, with an operating weight of only 940 kg.

What kind of work can it be used for?

The HS1203, like the other machines in the HS minidumper range, is a compact and versatile, agile and robust tracked machine, ideal for handing a variety of operations such as:
  • construction work
  • renovation work
  • set-up of gardens
  • work in tunnels
  • agricultural transport and interventions on rough, muddy, sandy and sloping terrain, where tyres risk sinking or losing grip

The HS1203 minidumper is equipped with robustly designed rubber tracks having a width of 230 mm - with three rollers per side plus the slide, tensioned thanks to a grease cylinder system - able to reduce ground pressure by decreasing the load at the base and reduce damage to surfaces even in the most critical moments.

The strengths of this minidumper are multifunctionality, resistance and compactness, the result of the investments that the company constantly makes in technological innovation, to obtain increasingly advanced and effective machines that respect the environment and the safety of the operator. 

What are its features?

The HS1203 minidumper is equipped with a 14.9 kW (20 HP) to 3,600 rpm Kubota motor, 3 cylinders and 719 cc displacement, with 12V electric start, liquid-cooled and guaranteed low consumption (guaranteed sound power Lwa 101 dB). It features a motor bonnet with a modern look, designed to optimise access to the routine inspection and maintenance points, hydraulic transmission and a foldable platform that makes the whole unit easy to handle. The minidumper can reach a moving speed of 2.6 - 4.5 km/h and has no problem overcoming slopes up to 20° (36.4%).

What kind of professional figures is it aimed at?

The HS1203 is a minidumper particularly suited for a wide range of different professional figures. It is in fact an ideal and high-performance solution for figures such as:
  • rental companies
  • dealers
  • private individuals
  • gardeners
  • nursery workers
  • agricultural firms
  • construction companies and restorers.
In the design of this model, Hinowa has paid the greatest attention to every detail and has designed each part with the aim of offering maximum comfort in use, combined with the best possible performance.
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Motor Kubota
Pistons and displacement n° 3 / 719 cc
Max gross power 20 HP - 14,9 kW @ 3600 rpm
Starting electric
Granted noise level Lwa 101 dB
Type distributor mechanical
Hydraulic pumps: number and type n° 2 piston pumps
Track tensioner grease
Track width 230 mm
Rollers per side 3 + slide
Fixed undercarriage 990 mm
Translation speed 2,6 -4,5 km/h
Max. inclination 20° (36,4%)
Capacity 1200 kg
Dumper bed capacity: rated volume (ISO 6483) 0,60 m3
Dumper bed capacity: struck volume 0,49 m3
Operating weight 940 kg
    • Features:
      • Three-cylinder Kubota motor, liquid-cooled.
      • Max. speed possible: 4.5 km/h.
      • Maximum capacity: 1,200 kg.
      • Self-loading dumper bed with a capacity of 0.60 m3.
      • Motor bonnet with a modern design and designed to optimise access to maintenance points during routine inspection.
      • Rubber tracks with a width of 230 mm, able to reduce ground pressure by decreasing the load at the base and reducing damage to surfaces.
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