Spare parts

The supply of replacement items for Hinowa machines

Should you need to replace some fundamental elements of your machines, Hinowa is able to offer an excellent spare parts service for its machines up to 10 years of life.

Which spare parts are offered?

Our service aims to allow all customers to restore the correct functioning of their machinery. Precisely for this reason, Hinowa offers spare parts suitable for aerial platforms and all other company machinery, such as:
  • Oil and motor filters
  • All undercarriages components (rollers, track idlers, gearmotors, rubber shoes and greasing valves)
  • Rubber tracks
  • Decals
  • All aerial platforms components (remote controls complete with spiral cable, cable holder chains, outriggers protection, basket ladders, baskets, cylinders, outrigger lights, spherical levels, load cells, photocells, LEDs, reflectors, gas springs, anti-vibration mounts, outrigger support plates, sky guards for baskets, non-marking tracks).
Furthermore, Hinowa can provide reconditioned spare parts, that is to say, items inspected and tested by qualified suppliers for like-new appearance and functioning. These parts are obviously covered by warranty. Among the refurbished items it is possible to have:
  • Remote controls for aerial platforms
  • Electrical boards (main boards for the aerial platforms functioning)
  • Battery chargers
  • Rotary actuators

What are the benefits of this service?

Choosing Hinowa for this service means you’ll have a professional team always available to satisfy every request. By relying on our company, you will also have the opportunity to obtain further advantages, such as:
  • Shipments worldwide
  • Online catalogues to detect the reference of the part you need.
  • Refurbished spare parts at an extremely advantageous price

Order fulfillment

To meet the different needs of its customers and let them get their spare parts quickly, Hinowa fulfills 95% of spare parts orders within 48 hours. Some technical components are made to order and may take longer to prepare for shipment.

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