Lightweight and highly performing version of the TC22S platform

TeleCrawler22N is the new Hinowa telescopic tracked aerial platform, a high-performance and highly technological machine, designed to improve productivity, simplify work and increase safety in any condition, even on difficult terrains or limited spaces, mainly thanks to its lightness. It, in fact, differs from the "full capacity" version for its greater lightness.

It offers excellent range performance and is available in different motorization solutions for efficient and sustainable activities. It is in fact available in three different power units: the revolutionary all-electric system, the bi-energy technology that combines heat and electric motors and the Kubota Z602 diesel engine.

Which are its features?

The TeleCrawler22N is characterized by features that underline the unique nature of this new type of machine:
  • Light and compact: under 3 tons of weight, with a maximum working height of 22 m, and max. outreach of 12.4 m with one person in the basket (capacity of 136 kg) and 11 m with two people in the basket (capacity of 230 kg).
  • It offers a variable stabilization area able to position the machine even in the most difficult areas: the complete area is 408x427 cm, the reduced area is 240x573 cm and the partial stabilization area is 325x427 cm.
  • Tracked undercarriage with widening system (88-130 cm).
  • New DSE basket: wider with innovative double entry and mesh floor to grant visibility under the basket ensuring more comfort and safety during the operating phases.
  • Automatic control of telescopic boom extension during lifting/lowering: the distance from the wall can be automatically maintained to follow a vertical line during both lifting and lowering. Thanks to this “scissor” effect, the operator can get on with his work, remaining automatically flush to the wall, without having to continuously adjust the extension of the telescopic boom manually. It is therefore possible to work quickly and easily.
  • “Go Home” function: allows automatic and safe closure and alignment of the telescopic boom, bringing the machine into transport position with a single button.
  • “Go Back” function: before activating the “Go Home” function, the machine saves the last work position, making it possible to automatically resume work in the same position by pressing a single button. This is a unique function allowing significant time savings and a notable increase in productivity.
  • Integrated diagnostics allowing the operator to identify any abnormalities and monitor the main operating parameters of the battery pack directly from the remote control display.
  • Safety at the top of its category during every stage of work thanks to a series of cutting-edge devices: self-stabilisation system, remote control with visual display, optional non-marking tracks (to avoid damaging surfaces of buildings), front and rear LED work lights and the innovative anti-entrapment device of the new DSE (dual side entry) basket.
The TC22N telescopic platform offers maximum efficiency and performance also thanks to the different motorizations available:
  • Full Electric System: a much more efficient and functional system compared to the hydraulic one, allowing the adoption of a lithium-ion battery pack and powerful electric traction motors, ensuring the same performances as a hydraulic traction platform.
  • Bi-Energy: a system offering the possibility to select the power source. It is possible to operate with lithium-ion batteries (6.1 kWh battery pack) for an ecological solution ensuring significant autonomy, absence of noise, vibrations and exhaust emissions, eliminating the need for electrical connections or special maintenance. Alternatively, heat engine can be selected, allowing to operate just like with a standard diesel-powered machine.
  • Kubota Z602 two-cylinder diesel engine + 230V electric motor. It is equipped with automatic "HD autorev" RPM control, liquid cooled and compliant with EPA / CARB Tier 4 + EU Stage V emissions regulations.
  • The machine is also equipped with a START & STOP system: electric motor starts only when movements are commanded, favouring maximum working autonomy and energy saving.
  • The undercarriage is equipped with electric translation motors which avoid the use of hydraulic oil. The technology with permanent magnets grants a higher efficiency compared to traditional electric motors for an unbeatable operational autonomy.
  • Safety even in difficult conditions: another advantage of electric traction motors is their generous drive torque. The machine can work on muddy ground and considerable slopes, while the absence of oil in the drive system totally eliminates the risk of leaks on the ground, ensuring respect for the environment (“zero leakage”).  

Which activities can it be used for?

The telescopic platform TC22N is a very advanced, eco-friendly and easy-to-use machine that is enjoying great success with rental companies. In addition, the Lithium-Ion power supply, thanks to its reduced noise emissions and the total absence of exhaust gases, can be used without time restrictions even indoors. It therefore allows more customers to operate in different sectors:
  • airports
  • shopping centres
  • churches
  • museums
  • historical buildings
  • hotels
  • shops
  • factories,
  • areas where it is important not to obstruct normal activities, such as historical city centres, holiday villages, theme parks and cruise ships.
It is the ideal solution for carrying out operations such as maintenance, renovations, painting, cleaning, pruning, building and much more.

What kind of professional figures is it intended for?

The TC22N telescopic platform, thanks to its safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability, is perfect for numerous professionals such as:
  • Rental companies
  • Resellers
  • Private individuals
  • Gardeners
  • Garden centres
  • Agricultural firms
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Cleaning companies
  • Construction companies
  • Restorers
  • Aviation companies  
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Capacity platform 136 kg - 230 kg
Max. Working height 22 m
Max working horizontal outreach 12,4 m (136 kg) - 11 m (230 kg)
Max working horizontal outreach restricted area 8,6 m (136 kg) - 7,6 (230 kg)
Transport length 6,440 m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 5,820 m
Transport height 1,98 m
Standard basket dimensions 1310x655x h.1100 mm
Undercarriage width open/close 880 - 1.300 mm
Basket rotation 124° (+/- 62°)
Max ground pressure on stabilizer

2.267 daN - 5,5 daN/cm2

Variable stabilization area 4.080x4.270 mm (2.415x5.730 mm)
Total weight 3.010 kg (diesel) - 3.000 kg (lithium-ion) - 3.100 kg (bi-energy)
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