Autonomous tool carrier robot

Robot for soil treatment in plant nurseries

An autonomous robot / tool carrier is shown in this section. The machine is able to drive without human intervention on a specific field. The robot is connected to a cloud, so users always have live and full view of the machine processes on their smartphones. Any adapter can be mounted on the 3-point hitch of the machine which converts the machine into a small universal tractor without driver.

What are the advantages?

Using a Hinowa tracked undercarriage allows the robot to run on muddy/after rain fields reducing damages and pressure on the ground - while keeping path accuracy which is essential in an autonomous system.
Therefore all tasks can be taken on time, regardless of weather and ground conditions.

In which areas can the machine operate?

The robot is able to fully automatically drive on agricultural and industrial fields, where continuous and repetitive tasks must be performed, such as:
  • spraying
  • fertilising
  • drilling holes
  • transport goods on specified routes
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