Training center

The training paths for using aerial platforms

As a company, Hinowa has always placed great importance on safety which is why we are part of the IPAF training centre for using EWPs (Elevating Work Platforms), founded in 2010. As a result, the company has been granted a license by the organisation which allows it to organise courses aimed at keeping its customers constantly informed and updated.

Who is IPAF?

IPAF, International Powered Access Federation, is a not-for-profit international organisation established in Great Britain in 1983, which currently operates in a number of European and non-European countries. Its main objective is to represent the interests of sector-based operators of aerial access equipment, supporting manufacturers of elevating work platforms, rental companies, dealers and users.

What is the goal of EWP training?

Thanks to accurate, detailed instructions communicated to users at various levels, the centre ultimately aims to minimise the number of work-related accidents. With the entry into force of the Agreement referred to in article 73, paragraph 5 of Italian Leg. Decree 81/2008 of 13 March 2013, a precise definition was given of the parties authorised to provide training on the safe use of elevating work platforms (accredited at regional level). The time frames and methods were also defined with which appropriate training must be carried out. Hinowa can provide this type of customer support, guaranteeing an all-round service to customers who choose Hinowa products.