The revolutionary technology that combines thermal engine and electric motor for aerial platforms

A particular attention to energy use and to more and more efficient systems are aspects of great interest worldwide. Hinowa dedicates many resources to develop green solutions and for this very reason it offers the innovative Bi-Energy technology on its platforms. The novelty of this system consists in the possibility to have a machine featuring both a thermal engine and an electric motor in order to reduce CO² emissions, but not only.

Choosing a bi-energy aerial platform: the advantages

Among the advantages of using this type of machinery, there is not only a lower emission of carbon dioxide. Actually, those designed by Hinowa are bi-energy aerial platforms able to guarantee very high performances and reliability in a variety of contexts. Companies and operators, in addition to vibration reduction while working, will appreciate the following aspects:
  • Great flexibility and versatility
  • High autonomy and productivity (the batteries are rechargeable at any time)
  • Engine is powered only while the machine is moving, thanks to the Start & Stop technology
  • Reduced noise emissions (while using the diesel engine as well as the electric motor)
  • No electric cable on the ground
  • Extreme maneuverability

The platforms suitable for every sector

Hinowa strives to satisfy at best its customers’ needs in the most different operating environments. To obtain this, the company is committed to developing and offering extremely versatile machines. Precisely for this reason, the offered platforms feature a double motorization, they are suitable for a large number of sectors and professionals and can operate indoors and outdoors. Among the many possible users, we can list:
  • Building contractors
  • Cleaning companies
  • Painters
  • Restorers
  • Maintainers
  • Gardeners
  • Companies operating in airports
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Capacity platform 230 kg
Diesel engine Kubota D902 Autoev
Max gross power 21,6 HP - 16,1 kW@3200rpm
Battery lithium-ion system LL26.14 100 Ah
Battery lithium-ion system LL33.17 150 Ah
Electric motor: rated voltage 76 V
Electric motor: rated power 3,5 kW
Total weight LL26.14 4540 kg
Total weight LL33.17 7860 kg
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