The hydraulic unit with fixed or extendable tracks up to 1056 mm

As part of its extensive catalogue, Hinowa offers the TS701 hydraulic unit, which can be equipped with a fixed or variable track system, up to 1056 mm. Its design is entrusted to the company's team of technicians and engineers, made up of professionals who work with great passion.

For whom is it designed?

Hinowa always wants to offer all its customers machines and functional accessories, which adapt to the different needs of professionals working in different sectors. To achieve this, the company team is constantly developing innovative technologies and is able to offer a hydraulic unit that adapts to a large number of equipment manufacturers. The model offered in this section, in fact, can be used for:
  • Small drilling machines
  • Cranes
  • Aerial platforms
  • Shredders
  • Mixers
  • Winches
  • Planting poles
  • Agricultural and construction beds

Why choose it?

The manufacturers of this type of tools know in depth the different needs of their customers and, for this reason, they need to obtain efficient items to be installed on their machines. In addition to being extremely versatile, Hinowa's hydraulic unit is an extraordinary performance unit that can guarantee numerous advantages, for example, in the following areas:
  • Extremely low ground pressure
  • High manoeuvrability on all types of equipment
  • Operation guaranteed even where wheel transport is not possible
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    • Features:
    • ts701-fisso-diesel.png
      Honda petrol engine GX270
      Power 8,4 HP - 6,3 kW@3600rpm
      Honda petrol engine GX390
      Power 11,7 HP - 8,7 kW@3600rpm
      Kubota diesel engine OC95
      Power 9,4 HP - 7 kW@3600rpm
      Fixed undercarriage 756 mm
      Variable undercarriages 756 – 1056 mm