Vacuum system

The application of an undercarriage on a machine with Vacuum system

Among the various applications of Hinowa products, this section shows the example of an undercarriage installed on a vacuum handling machine. The development of this base was carried out entirely by the team of the company’s professionals, who were able to fully meet the needs of the machine manufacturer.

What are the advantages of the undercarriage for the machinery?

Through a series of unique features, also the result of the use of top quality materials, the undercarriage has contributed to making the machinery with vacuum system on which it is installed even more performing. Through the Hinowa tracks, in fact, the operator was able to carry out the transport and handling of materials even more easily and in total safety.

For which professionals has it been made?

The customer requested the support to realize a machine with undercarriage used for the laying of slabs and curbs, which perfectly adapts to the needs of those who work in the field of reference.
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