Post-sales support

The service dedicated to customers who have chosen Hinowa

Post-sales support for Hinowa machinery is one of a variety of services offered to customers. The activity in question covers all the company's products, such as minidumpers or aerial platforms, and is supervised by a team of highly trained technicians and engineers, who are part of the reseller staff or the in-house post-sales department.

How does post-sales support work?

If the request for the company’s post-sales support comes from a country in which Hinowa is present, then the post-sale support on all Hinowa machines is managed in-house by distributors or dealers. If the resellers or distributors encounter difficulties, they can request technical support from the Hinowa post-sales department. If the customers are located in a country where these figures are not present, but still need assistance, they can contact the Hinowa post-sales department directly.

What activities are offered to customers who purchase a Hinowa machine?

The company offers post-sales support that includes a variety of courses for dealers. Hinowa, in fact, organises training courses that can improve skills on the various types of machinery produced. More specifically, it organises:
  • Technical update courses
  • Training courses
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