Remote-controlled slope mower

The application of a Hinowa undercarriage in a radio-controlled shearing machine

Within this section is shown a radio-controlled slope mower mounted on an Hinowa undercarriage, installed on a machine made by a customer company, which is used to carry out maintenance operations of parks and gardens, such as mowing, in a large number of surfaces.

What are the advantages of using it?

The careful selection of the materials used for its production, as well as a continuous supervision by the company staff of all the production phases, have allowed Hinowa to offer an undercarriage able to increase the performance of the shredder on which it has been installed. In fact, end-users have been able to obtain several advantages, concerning aspects such as:
  • Maximum safety during mowing operations
  • Extreme execution speed for operators 

In which areas can the machine operate?

Thanks to its extremely innovative features and functions, the machine proposed by the customer is a radio-controlled slope mower on a Hinowa undercarriage, useful for accessing areas that are difficult to reach. Its use, in fact, allows a wide range of operations to be carried out in areas of complicated access and steep slopes, such as, for example, those listed below:
  • Embankments
  • Climbing
  • Demarcated areas
  • Municipal areas
  • Public services
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