Hinowa Green

Innovation and sustainability to manufacture machines respecting the environment

Making high-performance machines is one of Hinowa's main goals, but not the only one. The company, in fact, has always paid particular attention to safeguarding the environment by constantly improving its production processes and creating a wide range of machines with a green soul. Hinowa has constantly invested numerous resources in order to develop innovative technological solutions, which have made it possible to be among the main protagonists of the Ecomondo fair in Rimini, one of the most important events regarding sustainability and the circular economy.

More energy, less CO2: Hinowa's eco-friendly production

One of the most important innovations in terms of production dates back to 2012, when a photovoltaic plant able to cover a large part of the company's consumption was installed at the company headquarters. Designed to meet growing energy needs, the solar panel system is able to generate 300 kW without increasing the amount of CO2 emissions. The solar-generated electricity is mainly used in the production area to manufacture aerial platforms and all other Hinowa machinery.

Bio components and water recycling

In addition to the use of energy produced from renewable sources, the company carefully chooses each element used to manufacture its own machines. In fact, in order to reduce its ecological footprint, Hinowa uses a water recirculation system and some components of biological origin such as:
  • Water-based paints for machines components - this type of paint does not contain substances that are harmful to the environment and its high coverage guarantees optimal results
  • Reuse of purified water to wash the machines - this prevents water wastage, as water is never discharged into the sewer system but continuously recycled until it is disposed of as special waste in purifier tanks twice a year
  • Biodegradable oil - used in hydraulic systems of all machines for the US and available on request for the other markets, this type of lubricant is non-toxic, it guarantees high technical performances and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Emission-free movement: the Lithium-Ion system

The element that most significantly distinguishes the green spirit of the company is certainly the electric motor available for all models of aerial platforms. The Lithium-Ion system was developed in 2008 by the Hinowa team of engineers and technicians. It allows you to work indoors and is the ideal solution to safeguard our ecosystem, without sacrificing the typical high performances of Hinowa machines.
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