The development of high-performance lift trucks, aerial platforms, undercarriages and minidumpers

Before starting manufacturing, Hinowa first takes care of the design of the undercarriages and machines for work at height and moving earth. The process is overseen entirely by the Hinowa team, which is made up of highly specialised engineers and technicians, with extensive experience in the specific sector.

Why should you choose the company’s design service?

In order to produce a machine that truly adapts to different customer needs, Hinowa offers a customised design service for the undercarriages, which have a variable load capacity ranging from 500 kg to 24 tonnes. The customisations can be applied to different models and meet the regulations and requirements of the various markets. Other tailor-made projects are assessed on a case-by-case basis in terms of feasibility based on regulations, safety measures, quantities requested, etc.
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