Lightlift 15.70

Compact, ultra high-performance aerial lifting platform

The latest machines include the Lightlift 15.70 aerial platform which features a 230 kg load capacity and 6.6-metre horizontal boom, measuring just 3.4 metres in length without the basket. Stemming from the commitment of the Hinowa research and development team, this machine guarantees a working height of 15.4 metres.

What kind of work can it be used for?

The technological innovations developed by Hinowa’s staff mean the company can offer an aerial platform for use in a wide range of operations. The versatility of the Lightlift 15.70 model is demonstrated by its use in the following kinds of work:

  • Tree pruning
  • Painting
  • Interior and exterior renovations
  • Cleaning
  • Solar panel installation
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Fun fair maintenance
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Sign installation
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Electrical system installation and maintenance

What kind of professional figures it is suited to?

The wide range of operational uses of the platform featured in this section makes it the ideal platform for working at height in a variety of professional sectors. Since Hinowa started manufacturing and marketing this model, it has been purchased and used by:

  • Rental companies
  • Resellers
  • Private individuals
  • Gardeners
  • Garden centres
  • Agricultural firms
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Cleaning companies
  • Building firms
  • Renovators
  • Designers, architects and engineers
  • Condominium managers
  • Aviation companies

What features does it include?

Anyone working at height needs a lifting machine that ensures a variety of benefits in terms of performance and safety. Hinowa understands its customers’ needs and consequently, offers them a high-performance aerial platform featuring cutting-edge technology. In particular, the Lightlift 15.70 model can offer:

  • Maximum safety and stability, in addition to fluid movement and precision thanks to the Performance hydraulic system
  • Anti-entrapment system (safety device and additional protection for the basket operator)
  • Innovative transport basket with new remote control holder in composite material and set of wheels for transportation when dismantled
  • Easy manoeuvring thanks to the compact size (less than 2 metres tall when in transit)
  • Automatic assisted stabilisation
  • Large basket load capacity of 230Kg while maintaining an extremely safe payload/weight ratio
  • Excellent vertical trajectory thanks to the scissor system which allows close wall work with extreme simplicity and precision
  • Rear basket access with retaining bar and ladder
  • Closable basket support
  • Double air/water pipe to the basket for use with different work tools (e.g. air)
  • Simplified, one-key starting system
  • Start & Stop technology (powers the electric motor only when necessary)
  • Automatic shut-down after two hours of idle time
  • The innovative Auto2Speed traction system allows excellent travel speed to be achieved
  • The machine automatically slows down or stops in critical conditions thanks to the tilt control
  • Use anywhere at any time thanks to the low noise and pollution-free levels of the electric motor version
  • Practical holder for lift truck forks or telehandler for lifting, loading and unloading and machine transportation
  • LED lights on stabilisers for low consumption

The R.A.H.M. (Remote Assistance on Hinowa Machines) built into the device ensures a series of machine maintenance and security-related benefits. This technology allows for remote machine location through a built-in GPS system, while Hinowa can also remotely track the diagnostic and software update activities.

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Capacity platform 230 kg
Max. Working height 15,40m
Max. Horizontal working outreach 6,60m
Transport length 4,02m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 3,40m
Transport height with plates installed 1,99m
Standard basket dimensions 1335x690xH1100mm
Basket rotation 124° (+/- 62°)
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°
Total weight 1950 kg (petrol)
Petrol engine HONDA iGX390
Diesel engine HATZ 1B40
Electric motor 2,2kw-230V-50Hz
Engine max. Travel speed 1,4 - 2,6 Km/h
Lithium-ion powered 3,6kW/h
Undercarriage width open/close 748 - 1100mm
Max ground pressure on stabilizer 1670daN - 2,36daN/cm2
Stabilization area 2800x2800mm
    • Features:
      • 230kg capacity for the whole working area.
      • 7m up & over to allow easy clearance of obstacles at height.
      • Turret rotation 360° (non-continuous).
      • Large forklift pockets to allow easy lifting with forklift or tele-handler to load, unload and transport the machine.
      • Heavy Duty lifting hooks on outriggers for quick and easy positioning with crane.
      • The new hydraulic system is equipped with latest-generation components allowing rapid and efficient working movements.
      • The articulated structure, made of robust high strength steel, allows extraordinary stability during the use.
      • The structural sturdiness on the long run is checked directly in Hinowa R&D through special cyclic tests.
      • The bushings in glass fibre without grease ensure a long life and do not need to be lubricated, saving time and money in the mid-long run.
      • The new jib PERFORMANCE allows to work in all the conditions with two operators with 230kg weight, which increases the productivity permitting the operator to carry the necessary tools in cage.
      • Simple and intuitive remote control.
      • A practical display provides the operator with important information. New parameters have been added to the system: the service icon informs the operator when the machine has to be serviced in the future.
      • The R.A.H.M. system permits a constant remote monitoring of the machine, permitting remote diagnosis.
      • The innovative Auto2Speed traction system allows to reach an optimal translation speed of 2,6 Km/h.
      • Thanks to the inclination control, the machine automatically decelerates or stops in extreme conditions to enhance operator’s safety.
      • Remote software version updates via satellite from the remote control.
      • New hydraulic hose treatment, anticorrosive up to 600 hours in salt spray tests.
      • Automotive electrical system.
      Features of lithium-ion version:
      • 3,6kW/h battery pack with fast charging system.
      • Complete control from display of the system and charging status.
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