Lightlift 40.18

The Hinowa biggest aerial platform

The new Lightlift 40.18 is the biggest model to date in the Performance IIIS range, built by the continued commitment to research and development of Hinowa engineering team.

This aerial platform can reach a working height of 40.2 m when stabilized in full area and 35 m in restricted area, in both cases with a load capacity of 230 kg. Maximum working outreach is 17.5 m in full area and 10, 8 m in reduced area.
The kinematics of this new model are the same as the Lightlift 33.17, with a four-section lower boom, a three-section upper boom and a jib. The Lightlift 40.18 basket maximum capacity is of 300 kg, which makes it possible to accommodate 3 people plus 60 kg of accessories.

What kind of work has it been designed for?

The aerial platform LL40.18 is useful for a number of operations, especially those at great height. By using this platform, a variety of jobs performed at height are made easier, such as:
  • Tree pruning
  • Painting
  • Interior and exterior renovations
  • Cleaning
  • Solar panel installation
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Amusement parks maintenance
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Sign installation
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Electrical system installation and maintenance

What kind of professional figures is it suitable for?

Its features make this platform for working at height suitable for carrying out a wide range of professional figures. More specifically, the following types of companies and professional operators can be found among the main users: 
  • Rental companies
  • Dealers
  • Private businesses
  • Gardeners
  • Garden centres
  • Farming companies
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Cleaning companies
  • Construction companies
  • Renovation and restoring companies
  • Aviation companies 

What are its features?

The new aerial platform LL40.18, designed and developed by the Hinowa team, is a concentrate of the most recent technology aiming to ensure high quality and safety standards. A high performance machine that can offer the following features:
  • The key feature of this new 40 m aerial platform is an elevated maximum height/outreach versus machine size/weight ratio. It is the only tracked articulated aerial platform in the 40 m category with this characteristic.
  • Thanks to the exceptional up & over of 21 meters and the articulated column structure, the new Lightlift 40.18 will make it possible to work flush to the wall and perform even the most delicate manoeuvres.
  • A spacious and comfortable basket with maximum capacity of 300 kg, which allows to accommodate 3 people plus 60 kg of accessories. This basket measures 200 x 70 cm to allow large and comfortable room for operators and tools.
  • Regardless of the remarkable working height, Hinowa has managed to maintain the typical compactness of all its models of tracked aerial platforms. In fact, the stabilization area is 537 x 504 cm in full area and 667 x 364 cm in reduced area.
  • When it comes to transportation, the machine height is under 2 meters to allow easy access to building interiors and passage through any industrial and home doors, while the undercarriage width is only 120 cm when closed and 170 cm open.
  • The machine, when stowed and with basket removed, measures 6.82 metres in length, and fully loaded weights between 8700 and 9000 kg, depending on the engine version. 
  • The machine can be lifted to clear a height of 1.12 metres under the tracks in order to level on steep slopes and to be loaded on special low flatbeds.
  • Another key feature of this new model is being equipped with the so-called “smart functions” which are also found on the Lightlift 33.17:
  • The jib arm can be operated automatically to remain within the working area; the Tower Boom (TB) can perform two sequential movements with a single joystick: lifting/lowering and extension opening/closing. Furthermore, thanks to the "Go-Home function", the machine can be automatically brought from working to transport position and its arms can be opened and closed simultaneously.
  • These functions lead to significant time savings and increase in productivity.
  • All the extensions are ropes driven, not chains, and they are completely contained within the booms for better protection and reduced maintenance. The power tracks are located inside the booms as well.
  • Full-colour remote control display and SmartVision LCD panel for ground controls, to view machine information, operating instructions and the owner's manual.
  • Optional remote radio control to guarantee maximum ease of loading/unloading, drive and automatic stabilization and destabilization. Compact, functional and extremely easy to handle, it can be placed inside the box of the ground controls. 
  • The aerial platform Lightlift 40.18 Performance IIIS is available in the following versions:
  1. Diesel 3-cylinder engine Kubota D902, with 16,1 kW (380 V / 50 Hz) electric motor.
  2. Lithium-ion version with 19,2 kWh battery pack which guarantees zero emissions, no noise and low environmental impact. Thus, this platform can be used indoor or in places with poor air exchange, guaranteeing excellent working range and speed of movement.
  3. Bi-Energy version, our bestselling. Thanks to this system, you can select to operate the power source of your choice. The Lithium-Ion batteries system, an ecological solution that ensures significant operating range, absence of noise, vibrations and exhaust emissions, without the need of electrical connections and special maintenance. Or you can select the combustion engine that allows the operation in the same way as a standard diesel machine.  
The machine is equipped with the RAHM diagnostic and control system, which offers two strong advantages. First, in terms of more safety, as it allows the localization of the machine at any time thanks to an on-board GPS device. Second, when talking about maintenance, it allows the Hinowa service team to perform diagnostic procedures, software updates and troubleshooting remotely.
As always, Hinowa focuses its attention on operator safety: tilt control during machine translation reduces the speed of tracks automatically in dangerous conditions. In addition, the optional anti-entrapment system protects the operator in the basket while working.
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Capacity platform 300kg
Max. Working height 40,20m
Max. Horizontal working outreach 16,50m
Max working horizontal outreach restricted area 10,8m [230kg]
Transport length 7,50m
Transport length without basket and rotated support 6,82m
Transport height with plates installed 1,99m
Standard basket dimensions 2.000x700xH1.100mm
Basket rotation 180°(+/-90°)
Max slope allowedin travel mode 16°/28,7%
Total weight 8.700kg (diesel) - 8.800 kg (lithium-ion) - 9.000 kg (bi-energy)
Diesel engine Kubota D902
Electric motor 380V / 50HZ - 11kW
Max. Travel speed - diesel version 0,5 - 1,6 km/h
Lithium-ion powered 19,2 KWh
Undercarriage width open/close 1.200 - 1.700mm
Max ground pressure on stabilizer 5.000 daN - 4 daN/cm2
Variable stabilization area 5.375x5.040 mm (6.675x3.640 mm reduced area)
    • Features:
      • Fast closing (quick return to ground): no need to completely close the machine to return the basket to the ground, thanks to the negative work of the MB.
      • All the extensions are with ropes and not chains, they are completely contained in the booms for greater protection and reduced maintenance, even the catenaries are inside the booms.
      • Wider and full-colour remote control display.
      • Smart LCD panel for machine status display.
      Smart functions:
      • The machine switches automatically from transport to working position.
      • Synchronous (or simultaneous) opening of the main and tower booms: the MB opens automatically by lifting the TB, this grants the lifting in altitude of the operator with a more intuitive use.
      • Automatic operation of the JIB to remain within the working area.
      • It is possible to carry out in sequence the two movements of the TB with a single joystick: lifting and extension.
      Features of lithium-ion version:
      • 19,2 KWh battery pack.
      • Complete control from display of the system and charging status.