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Pedal Power Trail gets productivity boost thanks to the Hinowa minidumper

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Minidumper HS1102
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A trail construction specialist predicts its new Hinowa self-loading mini dumper will reduce the time needed to surface a major new mountain bike trail it is building by half.
West Wales Trails has been commissioned by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to design and build a new 8 km section of mountain bike trail around the Llys y Fran reservoir in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.
The company turned to Access Platform Sales (APS) to purchase a Hinowa tracked stand-on minidumper HS1102, with a self-loading shovel and variable width tracks.

The HS1102 minidumper: rugged and reliable

APS is the UK and Ireland authorised dealer for Hinowa and supplied a HS1102 minidumper that can carry 700 kg loads and is just 75 cm wide, so is ideal for worksites where space is restricted.
West Wales Trails Director Matt Broome said: “We wanted to replace an old tracked dumper and this project was the ideal opportunity to do so. The Hinowa mini dumper hasn’t disappointed our expections.”
“It’s an excellent machine and very rugged. It tracks twice as fast as our old dumper and its self-loading capability greatly simplifies our work process, reducing manual handling and improving safety. I’d say the Hinowa mini dumper will allow us to complete the trail surfacing element in half the time we’d have taken without it. That’s important because we’re working to a challenging deadline.”

Productivity boost

Without the Hinowa HS1102 self-loading mini dumper, West Wales trails would have had to use its tracked loader and a separate dumper to move and tip the trail surfacing aggregate.
“Now we have the Hinowa mini dumper, so we have been able to use our other loader for grading the track surfaces which adds another productivity gain,” said Broome.
“Also, because the HS1102 minidumper is classed as a pedestrian machine, it doesn’t need to be operated by a qualified dumper driver, we can carry out inhouse training and use it more flexibly within the team.
“This project has already tested the minidumper to its limit. We have clay soils, boggy peat, slippery tree roots, rocky outcrops, steep slopes and tight corners to negotiate and it hasn’t missed a beat.”
“Now we have the Hinowa mini dumper, I wouldn’t have wanted to start this project without it. We wouldn’t have made the progress we’ve made if we didn’t have it.”

Reduces manual handling

The West Wales Trails team has found the Hinowa HS1102’s adjustable tracks to be particularly useful:
  • in retracted mode, the mini dumper can be tracked easily between trees;
  • with the tracks fully extended to 105 cm, the mini dumper has the stability needed to negotiate steep inclines and tackled at any angle;
  • it can reach places their other machines cannot, avoiding the need to resort to moving material by wheelbarrow.
When the mini dumper, powered by a 599cc low emissions Kubota diesel engine, is not needed by the West Wales Trails team it will be rented out to other contractors, generating further income.

Excellent mobility: the different uses of the Hinowa minidumper

APS Sales Manager Jonathan Wiseman said: “The Hinowa HS1102 is made for the challenging conditions Matt and his team are working in, with rough terrain and work areas constrained by trees and rock outcrops.”
“We’re delighted the mini dumper is giving them such good service and will play a key role in the successful completion of an exciting project that will do much to boost tourism in the area.”
The Hinowa HS1102 mini dumper is also very much at home in many other difficult worksites:
  • construction sites
  • farms
  • golf courses
  • garden landscaping

The result: an exciting bike trail

West Wales Trails is constructing 8 km of new mountain bike trail which, when combined with current track, will create a 12 km all-weather trail around the reservoir at the Llys y Fan country park, including exciting skills sections.
It is carrying out the work in 12 sections, some involving winding the trail up and down steep inclines. It is also creating 165 m of raised wooden boardwalks over streams and gullies in a project due to be completed soon.
APS can supply a wide range of Hinowa tracked mini dumpers with 400 kg, 700 kg and 1,000 kg load capacities and in a range of formats, including high-tip dumpers, extra high-tip dumpers, and flat skip dumpers.
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