Fratelli Sartori

Aerial platforms for a company specialising in the maintenance of metal constructions


Fratelli Sartori costruzioni metalliche


Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) - Italia

machine model

Lightlift 20.10 IIIS , Lighlift 26.14 IIIS


Construction, carpentry​


Maintenance, setups, etc.

As a manufacturing company specialised in the metal construction sector, Costruzioni Metalliche F.lli Sartori uses Hinowa aerial platforms for maintenance in general. It has been operating for thirty years in the metalworking sector, ranging from the maintenance of lifting systems and equipment, to industrial repairs and metal constructions, supplying and installing medium-heavy structures, fences, doors and windows, sheds, modifications and constructions of lifting systems.

Which aerial platforms does the customer use?

Over the years, the customer has renewed its business and acquired the best machinery to cope with increasingly demanding market requirements, for example, by purchasing and using Performance Series tracked platforms by Hinowa. More specifically, the machines used by the company to improve its services are the following:

Why did the company choose Hinowa machinery?

The company chose the machinery because it wanted aerial platforms that simplified maintenance operations and offered numerous other advantages. Claudio comments on the Hinowa platforms by saying that «of all the various types of aerial platforms, undoubtedly the crawler platform is the best in terms of versatility and manoeuvrability. It is a safe and simple machine that allows me to perform specific jobs in total safety. The compact design allows me to reach difficult places and get as close as possible to the work area where I have to operate».

What kinds of activities were they used for?

The aerial platforms used by Fratelli Sartori are suited to a wide range of maintenance jobs. Customers, in fact, operating at the Gardaland adventure park have been able to use them for the following operations:
  • Fair ride maintenance
  • Restaurant maintenance
  • Layouts of public area, communal spaces and attractions for events and festivals
Often to reach a specific part of the attraction, the landscape is predominantly pedestrian and so, can only be reached by very compact machines. The Hinowa LL20.10 platform comes into play in a case like this, measuring just 78 cm in width, it can reach the designated place to carry out the work in hand.