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The perfect platform for the maintenance of biogas plants

J Todd Plant Service
Glenrothes, Fife - Scozia UK
Machine model
Lightlift 17.75 PIIIS aerial platform
Maintenance and cleaning
Maintenance and cleaning of biogas plants

A Hinowa tracked platform supplied by Access Platform Sales proved to be the perfect solution for working at height for the maintenance of biogas plants. British plant maintenance company J Todd Plant Services selected the Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 Performance IIIS spider tracked platform to fulfil a contract to maintain three biogas plants in Fife, eastern Scotland.

Why was Hinowa the right choice?

Our Hinowa platform is proving to be the perfect choice”, says company owner Jamie Todd. "It can reach anywhere inside the biogas plants in which we work, it is quick to position and easy to use. We've got no complaints at all". J Todd Plant Services, based in Glenrothes, Fife, uses the Hinowa LL17.75 to perform routine inspections and maintenance on a wide range of equipment on anaerobically digested biogas plants, including:
  • pipes
  • valves
  • mixers
  • pumping systems.
Jamie explained: “The Hinowa is an ideal machine for manoeuvring around these plants. The two-speed travel system allows us to get into position quickly, so we use our time more productively.
"Thanks to its tracks and compact dimensions (minimum width of the carriage: 798 mm) we can access the tightest spaces. The automatic stabilisation and destabilisation system through a single button allows the rapid reaching of high up areas and guarantees use in complete safety."
"I can also easily tow the tracked platform to all three locations, which is important because the biogas plants can be located in places that are fairly out of the way"
"Previously I was used to renting platforms when I needed them. But now that I have Hinowa, there is no need to wait for a machine to become available. Just get on and go. It's making a huge difference to my business."

The characteristics of the Hinowa LL17.75 platform

The Hinowa LL17.75 platform has unique features that ensure maximum performance but also resistance and practicality:
  • it has a maximum work height of 17.06 m
  • a maximum outreach of 7.5 m
  • It has an unrestricted capacity of 230kg - a popular feature when heavy tools and parts need to be moved
  • the platform is available with double drive. J Todd Plant Services chose the diesel engine version but it can also be supplied with a petrol engine. In addition, both can be operated with a cable-powered 230V/110V electric motor.
Jamie is not only impressed with the Hinowa LL 17.75 platform. The service provided by Access Platform Sales (APS) through its northern sales director, Shane Paver, as well as the rapid delivery of the platform, helped Jamie meet his needs. “The purchase process with APS has been fantastic from start to finish, with good communication and superior service,” states Jamie. Shane also found me an excellent skeletal trailer, which makes it quick and easy to transport, load and unload".

The right choice for the maintenance of biogas plants

Shane Paver stated: "We are pleased that Jamie is so delighted with the Hinowa LL17.75. Its robust design and proven reliability are ideal for operating on biogas generation sites located on farms and at other industrial sites, such as food and beverage factories.
“These anaerobic digestion plants are of increasing importance for the provision of sustainable energy and products for other industrial uses. Being able to maintain them sustainably and effectively is equally important. The Hinowa range of tracked aerial platforms is undoubtedly capable of contributing to this process".
Jamie conducted detailed research to locate the right aerial platform, looking through online reviews and talking to other users of the tracked aerial platform. The positive feedback on the Hinowa platforms reassured him that he had made the right choice.

The various uses of the platform

J Todd Plant Services will use the Hinowa LL17.75 to also perform other maintenance services, such as tree pruning. At other times it will rent out the platform to other companies and organisations such as building contractors and maintenance departments of local authorities.
Jamie explains: “I wanted a platform with dual drive because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The use of zero-emission and silent machines is increasingly popular and requested by our customers. I have no doubt that our new Hinowa LL17.75 will prove to be a good financial investment. There is a lot of demand for spider platforms in our area and the rental rates are good. It's great to have it".

Discover the Hinowa platforms!

The Hinowa LL17.75 is part of the Performance IIIS tracked platform range, sharing the same industry-leading operating system, with maximum work heights from 13m to 40m.
All models can be supplied with combustion engine/230V-110V, with Lithium-Ion system or in the bi-energy version, with diesel engine and electric motor powered by lithium batteries.  
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