Hinowa: lithium-ion offers better performance and lower costs for aerial platforms.


As capable as a combustion engine, but more efficient and frugal; lithium-ion is revolutionising aerial lifts.

Hinowa launched the first tracked aerial platforms powered by lithium-ion technology in 2008. Over the past eight years they have spread worldwide to become an international success, with the technology even adopted by other manufacturers. The lithium-ion system has been optimised over the years by Hinowa, to the point of setting new benchmarks in terms of productivity and reliability.

Hinowa's president Dante Fracca stated: "The lithium-ion technology available on Hinowa platforms guarantees an extension of the operational capacity of the machines and constitutes true economic investment efficiency by end customers and renters. More functional, lower costs, lower consumption, and more respect for the environment. We are proud to have been pioneers investing in what today, 10 years later, is still defined as the technology of the future."

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