Floricoltura Valota

Using the Goldlift 17.80 platform to care for green spaces


Floricoltura Valota


Samarate (VA) - Italia

machine model

Goldlift 17.80XL IIIS


Gardens maintenance​ 


Greenery maintenance, pruning​

The customer has worked in the gardening sector for twenty-five years. In 2003, Floricoltura Valota used a Hinowa tracked aerial platform for the first time, purchasing a Hinowa Goldlift 14.70 and deciding ten years later to replace it with the new Goldlift 17.80XL IIIS.

Why did the customer use Hinowa aerial platforms?

The customer cares for green spaces in the area between Milan and Varese, especially on Lake Como where it goes every year to do maintenance work on the gardens of big hotels and villas. They contacted Hinowa because they wanted to use safe, high-performance aerial platforms which could offer benefits related to:
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • High reliability
  • Great precision
As Mr. Valota explains, «The main reason for purchasing a tracked aerial platform was to introduce a machine into the company that no-one else had, offering unimaginable performances compared to a platform mounted on the back of a truck. This gives me significant advantage on acquiring certain jobs. The machine's advanced technology also allows me to work in total safety where other machines cannot even get close». The customer also states: «I decided to purchase the 17.80 model because for the work I do, a height of 17 metres is a good compromise», adding, «Customers are amazed at the agility of the machine and where I can go with it».

What operations was the machinery used in by the customer?

The models used to date by Valota are aerial platforms suited to a wide range of gardening work. More specifically, thanks to their outstanding features, the customer was able to use them inside large villas and hotels, to do:
  • Garden maintenance work
  • Pruning