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Innovation and quietness for maintaining green spaces

Verde Srl
Sovico (MB) - Italy
Machine model
Lightlift 20.10 Lithium-ion aerial platform
Landscaping, park and garden maintenance
Pruning, tree felling, maintenance of green areas

Verde, the company run by Alessandro Canzi, was established in Sovico (MB), Italy, in 1996 and specialises in the care and preparation of green spaces, and, in particular, in the design, creation, and maintenance of gardens and landscaping. To provide high quality, detailed and professional services, which also include pruning and felling tall trees, the company uses ladder trucks and aerial platforms. Precisely for this type of work, the company recently purchased a Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS platform with lithium-ion technology that offers a range of benefits, including being quieter and the ability to operate without a power cable.

What did the Hinowa platform make possible?

Hinowa platforms are the ideal solution for working at height, even in places where movement is restricted as often happens in gardens and other green areas. Hinowa spider platforms create a stable work area suitable for the use of other equipment. Verde renewed its fleet of machinery, which already featured a Hinowa 14-metre lithium aerial platform, now replaced with the LL 20.10, and a Goldlift 17.80. 

Alessandro Canzi said: “These Hinowa platforms work really well for us, especially with the lithium batteries because we work in environments such as condominiums and nursing homes which are very sensitive to excessive noise. We want to be - and like to be - innovative and, with this machine, noise has been reduced to the minimum, which is highly appreciated in these environments.”

In addition, given the machine’s small size and compactness it’s easy to access the green areas to carry out our maintenance tasks. And transporting the machine to the work site is simple thanks to its small footprint. Furthermore, “it is also really practical and easy to handle: when our operators use it, they feel safe, even at heights, and safety is fundamental in this line of work. Moreover, by having lithium batteries, it’s also ecological and this is exactly in line with our corporate philosophy: no noise, no pollution.”

The platform’s features

The Hinowa LL20.10 aerial platform has a maximum working height of 20.15 m and a maximum outreach of 10 m. Furthermore, it also has an unrestricted 230 kg basket capacity, allowing two operators to work with their tools and materials even at full outreach. But the platform has other features that make it ideal for applications in the landscaping services sector:
  • it is just 79.5 cm wide in tracking mode, so can be moved easily;
  • its use on delicate surfaces is not a problem thanks to the rubber, non-marking tracks. The MEWP can also be used in conjunction with protective matting;
  • The low weight, compared with conventional aerial platforms, and the rubber tracks allow it to be operated on delicate surfaces and low load-bearing floors;
  • The super-slim design of the Hinowa platforms make them ideal for getting through access points, even the very narrowest ones, a huge advantage when having to access smaller green areas. 
The platform is light and compact enough to be taken to work sites in a van or pick-up. But that’s not all: the machine is dual-energy, powered by a low-emission diesel engine or 110V electricity. It is also available in a lithium-ion version with lithium battery pack and fast recharge system.

The advantages of the platform

The Light Lift 20.10 platform, in the experience gained by Verde Srl in using the machine daily in carrying out its professional services, delivers a wide range of advantages such as:
  • Safety
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Easy to use
  • Practical
  • Lithium batteries
  • Remote Assistance 4.0
Alessandro Canzi continued: “We have always used Hinowa (the last machine purchased was the sixth one we’ve taken delivery of) and we’ve had an excellent experience and outstanding support: the fast response, the competence of the staff, and the speed with which the small issues - that sometimes crop up when using the machine - are resolved, have meant that there has never been a need to change the machines or to look at other manufacturers. We have an excellent relationship with out contact people in the company. Hinowa has our full trust and is part of our team: it is an irreplaceable business partner.”

The multiple uses of the Hinowa platform

In addition to the LL 20.10, the Hinowa platforms supplied to Verde are used in a wide range of maintenance and landscaping tasks, but mainly for pruning and felling trees. 

“Our staff are trained and qualified to work at heights. They all have their EWP licences. In the winter months, especially, we carry out pruning work with our Hinowa aerial platform at the 190 green areas that we maintain, which include parks, private residences and condominium gardens.”
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