Access 2 Trees

An example of the use of a Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 for tree care.

Access 2 Trees
Shrewsbury- United Kingdom
Machine model
Hinowa Lightlift 20.10
Garden maintenance
Tree inspections and surveys; tree pruning and reduction; tree felling
Access 2 Trees, a company situated in Shrewsbury, a town in the Midlands, uses a Hinowa tracked aerial platform Lightlift 20.10 for their work activities. In particular, the company takes care of the maintenance of gardens and green spaces and carries out several interventions on the whole reference area, also inside private courtyards.

For which reason Access 2 Trees has chosen this Hinowa machine?

Before relying on Hinowa, the company used two different platform typologies, a truck mounted platform and a smaller spider boom. Investing in the Lightlift 20.10 has allowed Access 2 Trees to operate in a simpler way, reducing operation costs. Among other advantages, there are those related to the following machine features:
  • Extreme manoeuvrability
  • Large basket capacity
  • High speed rotation
James Plaskett, company director, affirmed that, before using the Hinowa machine, “the truck mounted platform could not overcome access problems we faced, and our smaller spider boom did not have the working height or exceptional reach that the Hinowa has.” Furthermore, the director underlined after three years of service the great reliability of the machine and that they “have chosen the Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 because it had the right balance of compact size, working height and outreach, which is very important for arborist work. Because it is so narrow, it is very good for getting through narrow gates and down narrow paths which is essential for work in back gardens of residential properties.

Another very useful feature is its large basket capacity (230kg) which is retained even at full outreach. Other booms we looked at didn’t have this performance feature.
The platform is also very fast to track, raise and lower, which saves minutes on each job which adds up to hours of additional productivity over a week.

Compared with climbing, the traditional way to gain access to trees, it is far safer and more productive. A job that can be completed in half a day using the Hinowa could take two days climbing with ropes.

Also, the basket can be places very precisely, so we can make our cuts from the right position, so there is no compromise on safety, and the tree is always reduced in the optimum way. This is good for the long-term health of the tree.

Customers also appreciate the speed of service tree surgery with the Hinowa tracked boom delivers. There is less disruption, and peace and quiet in the garden is restored in hours not days.
Using the Hinowa boom for arboreal work also supports service quality, so we are confident we meet the BS 3998 British Standard for tree work.
Both we as a business, and customers, also appreciate we are doing the best for the environment and wildlife, by maintaining trees in a sustainable way

One machine, many applications: the uses of a Lightlift 20.10 customer

Thanks to its features, the aerial platform Lightlift 20.10 has proved to be extremely versatile and useful in different garden maintenance operations. Among the different used of Access 2 Trees there are those listed below:
  • Tree inspections and surveys
  • Tree felling
  • Tree pruning and reduction
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