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Hinowa platforms: just the ticket for rail maintenance

DJD Services
Kilbarchan - United Kingdom​
Machine model
Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 and Goldlift 17.80 IIIS
Installation, painting, decoration, replacement of lights​

A powered access rental specialist has invested in a new Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS spider platform due to its proven success in rail environments.
Access Platform Sales (APS) has supplied the spider boom lift to DJD Services, in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, which counts rail contractors among its growing list of customers.

The advantages of Hinowa according to DJD Services

DJD Services finds its Hinowa spider platforms are ideal for reaching out over rail lines to work on overhead structures, such as roofs, power lines and lighting.
Hinowa spider lifts create a stable work platform to use other equipment, such as vacuum systems for cleaning.
The compact dimensions of Hinowa spider platforms and their proven operational capabilities make them ideal for rail maintenance, said DJD Services director and owner David Douglas.
He added: “Rail maintenance often has to be carried out in restricted space, whether that be in external or internal environments, and in short time periods determined by train movements.”
“Our customers like using Hinowa spider platforms because they work well within these operational limitations, helping to ensure maintenance is carried out quickly, safely and to a high standard.”

Features of the aerial platforms used

The Hinowa spider platform Lightlift 20.10 has a maximum working height of 20.5 m and a maximum outreach of 9.7 m. It also has an unrestricted 230 kg basket capacity, allowing up to two operatives to work with tools and materials at full outreach.
But the platform has other features that makes it ideal for this application:
  • It is just 795 mm wide in tracking mode so can be easily moved through ticketing barriers to work at height in the heart of railway station concourses;
  • Operating across sensitive floors is not a problem with Hinowa spider platforms thanks to its rubber, non-marking tracks. The MEWP can also be used in conjunction with protective matting;
  • The low weight of Hinowa spider platforms, compared with conventional boom lifts, and their rubber tracks allow them to operate across the low load bearing and sensitive floors often found in railway stations;
  • The super slim design of Hinowa spider platforms makes them ideal for getting through very narrow access points which is helpful at smaller rural railway stations. 

DJD services also operates a Hinowa Lightlift 17.80 Goldlift IIIS spider platform. It has a maximum working height of 16.9 m and outreach of 8.1 m, with an unrestricted basket capacity of 200 kg.
Compact design and rough terrain tracking also assist external operation, as contractors can gain access to station and trackside locations through narrow gates and along tracks or footpaths.
Both platforms are light and compact enough to be towed to worksites behind a van or pick-up truck. But that’s not all: they are bi-energy machines, powered by a low emissions diesel engine or 230V/110V mains electricity.

Many uses for the Hinowa aerial platform

DJD Services’ Hinowa spider platforms are used for a wide range of rail maintenance, such as:
  • Tree pruning
  • Building inspection and maintenance
  • Light replacement
  • Sign installation, painting and decorating.
David Douglas said: “The excellent reach of Hinowa platforms is ideal for accessing worksites over the many obstacles in rail environments, such as security fencing, concourse shops and power and utility boxes. Features that maximise productivity, like fast tracking/Auto2Speed and automatic setting up and stowing the platform at the touch of one button, are valued by clients who often have to work during limited track possession times.”
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