Scavicem snc

Minidumper HS1100 - For work in confined spaces


Scavicem snc


Ponte dell’Olio (PC) - Italia

machine model

Minidumper HS1100​


Construction, carpentry


Maintenance, setups, etc.

Scavicem, with thirty years of experience and a large fleet of vehicles, works in the field of construction and earthmoving in the territory of Piacenza and its province. It carries out excavation and earthmoving works, reinforced concrete constructions, bases for industrial machines, road works, division into plots of building sites, sewage and aqueducts, reconstruction of courtyards and squares.

Mr. Balderacchi is today in charge of the family business, and he tells us: ‘We bought our HS1100 because we need to work in narrow and sloping places. We often find ourselves having to carry out construction works of sidewalks or sewers around private homes, where spaces are minimal and the machine’s dimensions must be minimal as well. Fortunately, the choice of the machine with the hydraulically expandable cart allows us, with the cart closed, to pass through doors, gates, and bottlenecks, while with the cart widened we can face slopes and very rough terrain in total safety.’

Scavicem, thanks to the interchangeability of the kit, uses the tracked minidumper in the most disparate situations. This means that the machine can be used not only in a single way, but in different areas and applications.