HS701 extra high-tip dumper bed

The earthmoving minidumper that guarantees an even greater tipping height

Available with a 9.4 HP Kubota diesel engine with electric starter and an 8.4 HP Honda petrol engine with electric starter, the HS701 minidumper with extra-high tipping skip has been designed to provide even higher tipping heights, to reach the typical heights of trucks, but operated with a standard driver’s license.

What kind of work can it be used for?

Hinowa’s goal is to satisfy the high-quality demands of its varied customer base, resulting in a minidumper suited to different work situations. The innovative technology developed by the Hinowa team has led to the expansion of the range of machinery uses, thus it is particularly useful in the following work situations:
  • Construction work
  • Renovations
  • Landscaping
  • Work in tunnels
  • Farm transportation

Why use it?

Professional operators who work with this type of machinery know how important it is to be able to count on reliable and safe equipment which delivers a high performance. Hinowa understands these requirements and supports them by proposing a high-performance, hard-wearing minidumper. Its use, in fact, brings with it a variety of benefits due to the integrated technology, such as the high tipping system, innovative control panel, fold-away footplate, hydraulic transmission and tracks. These features produce a series of positive effects, related to:
  • Greater autonomy in loading and unloading operations thanks to the high tipping system using vertical guides, so that a single operator can unload from on high directly into a container or truck. Hinowa has also patented this unique high tipping system.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, through lower fuel consumption because you can adjust your speed as required (transmission)
  • Improvements in operator safety by providing levers within easy reach when driving (control panel)
  • Excellent manoeuvrability because the footplate can be made smaller
  • The possibility of working on uneven, muddy, sandy or sloping ground thanks to the tracks

What kind of professional figures has it been designed for?

The technology developed by the Hinowa team has resulted in the model shown here, a minidumper for use by a wide range of professional operators. Its use is especially suited to the following categories of workers and companies:
  • Rental companies
  • Resellers
  • Private individuals
  • Gardeners
  • Garden centres
  • Agricultural firms
  • Building firms
  • Renovators
  • Designers, architects and engineers
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Petrol engine Honda GX270
Pistons and displacement single-cylinder 270 cc
Max gross power 8,4 HP - 6,3 kW@3600rpm
Starting electric
Granted noise level (petrol engine) Lwa 99dB
Diesel engine Kubota OC95
Pistons and displacement single-cylinder 416 cc
Max gross power 9,4 HP - 7 kW@3600rpm
Starting electric
Granted noise level (diesel engine) Lwa 101dB
Max. inclination 15° (dumper bed lowered)
Type distributor mechanical
Hydraulic pumps: number and type n° 3 gear pumps
Track tensioner grease
Track width 180 mm
Rollers per side 3
Translation speed petrol engine 2,2 - 3,3 km/h
Translation speed diesel engine 2,2 - 3,3 km/h
Variable width undercarriages as std. 758 - 1058 mm
Capacity 550 kg
Dumper bed capacity: rated volume 0,29 m3
Dumper bed capacity: struck volume 0,24 m3
Operating weight - petrol engine 746 kg
Operating weight - diesel engine 800 kg
    • Features:
      • Hinowa minidumpers feature a folding footboard. When the board is down, the operator can safely stand on it and easily get on and off the machine. When the board is folded up, the overall length is reduced to gain space for transport and storage. 
      • The widening undercarriage extends the overall width from 758 mm to 1058 mm. At minimum width the Hinowa minidumper can easily get through a standard door. At maximum width it offers great stability in all conditions. 
      • The control panel is in front of the operator and is comfortable and user-friendly. All control levers are easy to reach and a grab handle bar secures the operator while working. 
      • All Hinowa minidumpers are equipped with hydraulic transmission. This advanced technology offers smooth control. The operator can select the best suited speed for the terrain and shift from high speed for flat surfaces to low speed for rougher terrain. Thanks to this system, working is more efficient and productive, reducing maintenance and fuel consumption. 
      • The rubber tracks are tensioned by a grease cylinder. This feature allows flexibility, also when foreign materials are going into the crawler. Furthermore, the short pitch track offers smooth drive for higher comfort for the operator. 
      • The unique self-loading, high dumping system with vertical guides has been patented by Hinowa: with this machine a single operator can fill the body and dump the material from a high position directly into the container or truck in total autonomy.
      • Dumping height: 1632 mm.
    • Video: