HS701E Lithium-Ion

The new powerful, fast and efficient electric minidumper

Thanks to the electric traction system, Hinowa is able to meet the needs of those customers who need to use the machine in multiple contexts, inside and outside: construction works, renovations, landscaping, tunnel works, inside buildings or in historic centers where low-emission machines are mandatory.
Compared to the version with thermal engine, the HS701E Lithium minidumper equipped with lithium batteries offers many advantages:
  • complete absence of exhaust gases
  • possibility of operating with low noise levels (e.g. in historic centers, near homes or inside buildings)
  • high battery pack autonomy equal to one working day
  • extremely compact dimensions (the overall width is less than 800 mm)
  • absence of "memory effect" which makes it possible to charge the battery pack at any residual capacity without affecting the battery life of the lithium battery pack.
  • power and speed comparable to diesel model

Most of the existing electric minidumpers currently on the market need to transform the electric power into hydraulic energy to move the tracks, consuming ½ kW. The main feature of this new model and thanks to that the HS701E lithium differs from other battery powered minidumpers, is that the tracks are completely electrically powered, granting higher battery autonomy.

In practical terms, it is possible to carry out more than 100 complete cycles (translation, loading and unloading) corresponding to 5 hours of continuous work, or up to 9 km with battery pack in “power” mode. Recharging time is very fast: from 1h and 30 m to 3 h.

Another important feature is the protection level of the traction motors used on this model:
P67 (6 = powder, 7 = water). This high protection level is obtained by using innovation electric Internal Permanent Magnet traction motors instead of the traditional hydraulic ones, and it even allows to cross water bodies with the tracks.
These electric traction motors being used, have been developed specifically for Hinowa making the minidumper HS701E lithium unique in its category.
The machine is very compact and light, allowing it to enter narrow spaces . Thanks to the low ground pressure, operations on delicate surfaces can be performed with no risk of damage. The loading capacity is 700 kg.
To grant an easy and safe use, a new control panel has been implemented, with ergonomic joysticks and enabling button to prevent the operator from making accidental movements or carrying out an absent-minded action. Furthermore, there are two available speeds: “ecomode”, for uneven surfaces and “power”, for flat surfaces.
The new Hinowa tracked minidumper HS701 lithium is a real innovation, technologically advanced and protects the environment.
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