New TX3005 tracked transporter

New TX3005 minidumper: the new transport “look”

A new design that is reminiscent of the automotive sector, a fully in-shape (flush-fit) structure, innovations which make work easier and increase operator comfort; these are just some of the features of the new TX3005 tracked transporter which Hinowa recently launched on the market and replaces the TX2500 model in the range.
The new TX3005 with an operating weight of 2,750 kg joins the already comprehensive range of minidumpers of the HS line (HS400, HS701, HS1102 and HS1103) proposed by Hinowa. They are all compact, sturdy and agile tracked machines, with a load capacity ranging from 400 to 2,900 kg, ideal for tackling construction work, renovations, landscaping and work on uneven, muddy, sandy or sloping ground, where wheels cannot be used because they sink or lose grip. This does not happen because the tracks on these machines, 320-mm wide and tensioned by a grease cylinder, reduce the ground pressure and decrease the load at the base, thus avoiding damage to surfaces in critical moments.
One of the keys to the success of the Hinowa tracked transporters is its range of functions, strength and compact design. The company has always invested in technological innovation to produce increasingly avant-garde machines, guaranteeing excellent performance while respecting the environment and operator safety. An example of this is the video camera installed on the rear of the cabin which allows you to reverse without the risk of running into objects or persons thanks to the images which are clearly displayed on the monitor near the control joystick.

The TX3005 tracked transporter raises the bar in terms of sturdiness, speed, comfort and productivity.

This model adapts to any kind of terrain and can reach a top travel speed of 11 km/h, successfully tackling 20° slopes (36,4%) and presents a brand-new look with a revamped, ultra-modern design. Take the hood for example, whose design is inspired by the automotive sector and makes it easy to access the engine compartment guaranteeing greater accessibility to all the inner components during maintenance work. The bucket also has a more modern shape. It is lower compared to the previous TX2500 model and wider whilst maintaining a volume capacity of 1.49 m3 (ISO 6483) and guaranteeing a greater load capacity than before (2,875 kg compared to the 2,500 kg of the TX2500).       
But there are lots more improvements to the TX3005 tracked transporter compared to the TX2500 model. This new version has a fully in-shape (flush-fit) structure (1,550 mm), guaranteeing obstacle-free seat rotation. The ignition key has also been repositioned to make sure efficiency is maintained in this sense. The fuel top-up cap position has also been moved to the outside of the engine compartment in this case (housing a Kubota V 2403 Stage V 37.4 kW/50 HP diesel engine, 2,700 rpm, 4 pistons, 2.197 cc and electric ignition) and in a lower position. To guarantee greater operator comfort and improved operations, the new TX3005 now has bigger access handles than previously while the levers for controlling the tracks have been moved to the side compared to the previous central position. All the fundamental machine controls are on the joystick: hydraulic pump control, bucket control, accelerator, horn and speed. Don’t miss the optional devices, such as the double CANBus accelerator pedal which makes it easier to control the machine while driving, plus four additional work lights and a safety beacon.
As always, Hinowa has taken care of even the smallest of details with the new TX3005 tracked transporter as well. It has studied the development of every single part of this minidumper to offer maximum operating comfort combined with the best possible performance
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