Barbazeni Michele

Self-loading minidumper - The ideal vehicle in the Lake Garda area


Barbazeni Michele


Costermano (VR) - Italia

machine model

Minidumper HP850




Restructuring, construction, and maintenance

Barbazeni Michele is the owner of the family construction company since 2002, continuing the work of his father.
In 2004 he buys his first Hinowa machine, an HP850 minidumper with self-loading dumper bed kit: he has never parted from it since, and still today is the machine that he would never separate from.

Operating in the Lake Garda area, in particular Bardolino, Costermano, Garda, he specializes in the renovation of houses and swimming pools, in the maintenance of private homes and residential hotels, and given the continuous request by his customers, he decides to expand, buying a tracked aerial platform Goldlift 14.70, and undertake the maintenance work of gardens and pruning. 

When asked why he chose this type of vehicle, Mr. Michele answers: ‘Working in summer holiday areas, in the hilly and rocky areas adjacent to Lake Garda, the spaces are very small and the work areas do not allow large vehicles, and it is here that Hinowa machines come into play: their compactness allowed me to reach unthinkable places, so much so that even the end customers get amazed by it.’

In the creation, restructuring, and maintenance of swimming pools and water systems, the minidumper was essential; it allowed me to finish the job while saving a lot of time with its 76-cm width.