Dromad Hire

The Hinowa aerial platforms for a company specialised in equipment rental

Dromad Hire
Dundalk, Co Louth – Ireland
Machine models
15 aerial platforms ranging from 15.70 to 26.14 Performance IIIS & Lithium
Equipment rental
Construction Projecters, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers, Cleaning companys, Hotels, Airports, Shopping and Retail units and Home Owners
Dromad Hire is an independently Irish owned company with over 30 years in business with 15 Hinowa aerial platforms in its rental fleet.
From the headquarters in Dundalk, Co Louth, a city in the north of Dublin, the company’s business is equipment rental throughout Ireland to a mixture of customers operating in different sectors. In addition to the rental business, the company also carries out different other services, for example service and repair of the machines offered. 

Why rely on Hinowa: the advantages according to Dromad Hire

Since Dromad Hire is specialised in equipment hire, the company appreciates in particular the great versatility of the Hinowa tracked aerial platforms.
The collaboration with Hinowa started in 2008 and, as stated by Clodagh Mc Crory, Marketing coordinator of the company, since then “ our top engineers and sales team visit regularly the Hinowa headquarters for training and relationship bonding which is thouroughly enjoyed and proves to be such a benefit to our team.
We are building our fleet of Hinowas each year and want this growth to continue.  Recently we have also started stocking and selling a range of minidumpers and spiders

Applications and professionals: the different uses of the aerial platforms

In addition of having used one of the machines internally, for painting a windturbine, Dromad Hire rents the aerial platforms to customers that are using them in a large number of applications. The professionals requesting the Hinowa machines are:
  • Construction Projecters
  • Tree Surgeons
  • Landscapers
  • Cleaning companys
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Shopping
  • Retail unitsHome Owners
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