Vertical Sulcis

Using the Lightlift 20.10 platform for the installation of an urban exhibition


Vertical Sulcis snc


Iglesias (Sardinia) - Italy

machine model

Lightlift LL20.10


Industry, construction, gardening 


Construction, parkland maintenance, special interventions

Vertical Sulcis, which was founded in 2005, used the Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS platform to install 297 umbrellas for a town exhibition, to decorate the town and make it more welcoming. “Noteggiando” is an annual summer event which animates the town of Iglesias in Sardinia and is held every Friday in July and August in the historic town centre, featuring concerts, entertainment for adults and children, display stands of local crafts, street food, shopping with stores open until midnight, as well as art, culture and shows. The installation of this original decoration in over 100 m of pedestrian routes took three working days by the company which was our customer.

Why did the customer use Hinowa aerial platforms?

The five experts from Vertical Sulcis, who were physically and technically qualified for the job, work by using caving and mountaineering techniques to move along a rope, plus specialised equipment. They can work at height in inaccessible places. This specialisation is combined with the use of Hinowa high-performance aerial platforms, such as the two 17 and 20-m aerial models, allowing the company to cover a wide variety of uses, thus obtaining benefits covering the following key aspects: 
  • Ease-of-use
  • Limited maintenance
  • Rapid relocation 
Luca Serra, one of the partners in Vertical Sulcis, says that, “by using Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS, we were able to carry out the work, limiting the number of relocations. Thanks to the outreach, once the machine was stabilised, we were able to complete a large number of installations without needlessly wasting time”. Moreover, as Serra goes on to say, “we were very happy with Hinowa. The machines are really easy to use, compact and intuitive. They didn’t create any problems from a maintenance point of view either. The Hinowa technicians were also really helpful and the few minor problems we encountered were solved in real-time directly over the phone”.

In which other operations has Vertical Sulcis used the platforms?

Vertical Sulcis works using the rope technique all over Italy, but for obvious reasons of transportation, the work with Hinowa aerial platforms is limited to Sardinia and especially the Sulcis region. Within this areas, in addition to urban exhibitions, Vertical Sulcis noted the outstanding performance of Hinowa aerial platforms in work such as maintaining buildings used as places of worship, always with excellent results. Vertical Sulcis also had the opportunity to see how well they performed in the following fields: 
  • Building industry
  • Special environmental interventions
  • Cleaning and assembly services
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