New Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIS

The innovative tracked aerial platform presented at the Apex fair in Amsterdam

During the prestigious Apex fair in Amsterdam, Hinowa presented the new Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIS tracked aerial platform. This high-performance and remarkably compact new machine is destined to become the first choice of contractors from all over the world.

What kind of work has it been designed to do?

Operating outreach measuring 7.08 metres, working height of 13.30 metres, load capacity of 230 kg for the entire operating area, faster handling and new corner basket: the latest machine by Hinowa, the LightLift 13.70 Performance IIIS, features a stand-out compact, sturdy and functional design. The one presented is the ideal aerial platform for carrying out precision work in inside and outside, such as churches, museums and exhibition areas, with pointed or irregularly shaped surfaces. The new basket with rounded corners improves the approach to the wall, making even the most delicate operations possible.

What are the dimensions of the new platform?

From a size point of view, the most notable feature is the stabilisation area measuring 2.8 x 2.8 metres, while the overall dimensions when travelling are drastically reduced: the new LightLift 13.70 measures only 3.28 metre in length without the basket. The compact size of the undercarriage and option to remove the basket make it easier to handle during transportation, fitting through cramped and narrow spaces. At less than two metres in height, the machine can easily pass through any industrial and civil entrance. The new model features a practical holder for lift truck forks and lifting hooks on heavy duty stabilisers. The platform is standard supplied with a single-speed, 786-mm fixed carriage, but on request, it can be delivered with a 748/1100 mm dual-speed variable carriage.

How is it powered?

In terms of power, the LightLift 13.70 has three different engine options. More specifically, the following engines are available:
  • Honda iGX390 11.7 HP petrol engine (8-7 kW)
  • Hatz 1B40 10 HP diesel engine (7.5 kW)
  • Electric system (3.6 kW/h) powered by lithium ion battery packs
This latest power unit guarantees zero emissions and high performance in terms of autonomy, low noise levels and environmental impact.

What safety systems are installed?

Hinowa takes special care over operator safety. Thanks to the tilt control, the aerial platform automatically slows down in dangerous conditions. The SkyGuard® anti-entrapment system protects the operator in the basket, allowing him to operate in complete safety. 

What kind of remote controls does the machine have?

The new LightLift 13.70 also uses the RAHM control and diagnostic system, which allows constant remote monitoring of the machine, allowing the Hinowa support service to run a complete remote diagnosis. The on-board GPS device also makes it possible to locate the platform at any time.

Why choose Hinowa aerial platforms?

Hinowa products are widely acclaimed both in Italy and abroad. The company has been able to anticipate industry trends, continuously raising standards for professional rental. Customers who choose the Italian brand will be able to obtain high performance and reliable tracked platforms, which can tangibly fulfil their requirements. Innovation, spirit of enterprise and an outstanding professional approach are the driving force behind the work of the Hinowa research and development team, which is committed daily to the design and manufacture of increasingly efficient and versatile machines.
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